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Regarding who we are
We wanted to give the concept of shabu shabu a modern twist -- from the lounge atmosphere, to the musical selection, to the food and beverage menu. What you'll find at Shabu Club is flavor and variety, which reflects the eclectic culture of San Francisco. Although shabu shabu originated in Japan, you will discover Italian influences in the homemade "green sauce" and calamari; a hint of Mexico in the kobe beef fries; and Korean inspiration in the soju. The richness of the diverse tastes fused with traditional dining customs truly makes an evening at Shabu Club an experience.
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What makes Shabu Club unique

Regarding food menu
As the saying goes, "the secret is in the sauce"; in this case, the sauce, the broth, and the intermingling of varied, yet complementary savors. With a passion for the evolving palate from being surrounded by culinary masters in an innovative city, Shabu Club has stepped beyond the boundaries in satisfying taste buds. Our food provides a wonderful interaction of seasons that intrigue the senses, leaving you content from your last meal of the day. In addition to the robust flavors, Shabu Club offers three types of meat that can be combined for shabu shabu, as well as an assortment of small plates and side options.
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Shabu Club: restaurant and lounge

Regarding drink menu
Shabu Club provides a place where guests could unwind, engage in conversation, and make connections while enjoying a tasty meal and drinks. Our selection of sake, soju, draft beers, wine, and original creations will certainly enhance any outing. Happy Hour begins at 5pm until 6:30pm every day with beverage and small plate specials. Stay for dinner and continue the conversation as you toast to life and terrific company.